Our History

The sheep flock has been evolving since 1988 when we had 15 milking sheep, which then increased to 100 and we made sheep’s milk ice cream. In 1994, a commercial flock of 400 sheep was established to produce lambs for meat and we moved from lambing indoors in March to outdoors in May. The flock gradually increased and in 2017, the flock consists of 1400 breeding ewes and approximately 2400 lambs.

Since 2005, the farm has been at the forefront of livestock technology. With the help of Martin Tomkins of Border Software, every sheep has become electronically identified. Inside each ear tag there is an electronic transponder, which means that with the use of various gadgets and the software programme, we can trace all the records back to individual animals, for example weight, medical records, growth rates and lambing records. These can then be analysed and we can improve efficiency and select the right sheep for our system. Our sheep flock is Red Tractor Farm Assured.

We have been involved in various research projects and the latest is RamCompare, a national research programme looking at the best rams for the commercial market.